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Book now available on Amazon

My book, The Last Place You’d Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them, is now available for delivery on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers. The book will be in stores in May. 

Received positive reviews Kirkus and Booklist, and the book’s being covered this coming Sunday in a story in the Jacksonville Daily News. I’ll link to it when it’s out. 

Here’s the link on Amazon:


A story from The Last Place You’d Look

Helen Aragona’s bright, lively young daughter had it all: Phyllis was in love and engaged to be married to a sweet, caring man, Scott Gasperson. She worked for Scott’s father in one of the many businesses he owned in her North Carolina hometown. Scott and Phyllis shared a place in the country with dozens of rescued animals. Phyllis had a weakness for anything with fur or feathers. But one day the couple disappeared. Workers showing up to the store where Scott was the manager found it had been robbed, but neither Scott nor Phyllis could be found. Then a deputy searching in the woods found Scott’s car and, beside the car on the ground, the murdered Scott. He had been shot in the head, execution style. At that point rumors began flying that Phyllis had murdered Scott to get his insurance money. Helen’s life, already turned upside down became a nightmare. She began getting harassing phone calls and detectives followed her every move, thinking she could be meeting Phyllis. But Phyllis wasn’t behind what happened to Scott — instead it was a Cuban refugee who was part of the Witness Protection Program and who was acting as a double-informant for both NCIS and the FBI, without the agencies knowing about the other one. 

The Last Place You’d Look (May 2011, Rowman & Littlefield) tells the story of a missing woman and what happened to her and her family. 

Missing man’s foot found, but where is Stanley?

Stanley Driver of Freeport, Ill., vanished on Dec.  3, 2007. A homebody and someone who rarely strayed from the circle of his friends and family, no sign of Stanley was found until July 26, 2009, when some individuals came across a foot in the Pecatonica River. Police sent the foot to the lab for testing, where it was positively identified as having belonged to the missing Stanley Driver. But finding part of their missing loved one only makes things worse. His family still doesn’t know what happened to Stanley or why.

Police say they’re still investigating Stanley’s disappearance and subsequent death. Those with leads are asked to call the Freeport Police Department at 815.235.8222.

Ryan Chichovsky Missing in Laos Since 2006

Ryan Chicovsky, a Washington state resident, first went to China as a study abroad student. He became interested in the culture and language and soon landed a job at a small school in a rural area teaching English. During a break from school, Ryan went backpacking, his travels taking him to Laos. Only a couple of days short of meeting his family in Hong Kong for a visit, Ryan disappeared from a remote area in Laos. He has not been seen since.

Some of Ryan’s things were found, including photos he had taken and had someone else take of him that last day. It has now been four and a half years since Ryan vanished and his family and friends are still hunting for him.

Please go to http://ryanchicovsky.blogspot.com/ and view Ryan’s photos. Have you seen Ryan Chicovsky?

The Story of Jodi Huisentruit

Jodi Huisentruit was a cute blonde morning anchor in Mason City, Iowa. A twin cities transplant from Minnesota, Huisentruit generally arose at predawn hours to do the morning news at the station where she worked. 

On June 27, 1995, Huisentruit’s producer called her to remind her she had to go to work. She had overslept and promised her producer she was on the way. But she never arrived — and a police investigation found Huisentruit’s personal items scattered around her apartment complex’s parking lot and signs of a struggle. 

She has not been seen since. Years later, Huisentruit would be declared dead by the courts, but friends and family continue to search for her. Two, Gary Peterson, a respected death scene investigator, and Josh Benson, a media professional, have set up a website devoted to the Huisentruit case. 

Somebody knows what happened to Jodi Huisentruit.

For more information, visit http://www.findjodi.com.