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Project Jason Press Release

North Carolina — July 11, 2011 — Author Carole Moore, whose most recent book is “The Last Place You’d Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them,” wishes to acknowledge the expert assistance provided by Kelly Jolkowski, president of Project Jason. Jolkowski, whose nonprofit organization assists families of missing persons, offered information, resources, and recommended contacts from families of missing persons and from reputable organizations that assist them.

"Kelly Jolkowski and Project Jason played a pivotal role in putting together ‘The Last Place You’d Look,’" said Moore. "Not only did Kelly put me in contact with dozens of families, but she also gave me invaluable guidance in finding organizations and individuals to interview about this important subject."

Jolkowski, too, has a missing family member. Her adult son, Jason, disappeared from driveway of their family home in 2001. The Jolkowski did not know where to turn for assistance with a missing adult and in 2003, decided to create an organization that would help families regardless of the missing loved one was an adult or a child.

For “The Last Place You’d Look,” Moore interviewed the families of dozens of missing persons across the county and around the world.  According to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), there are about 100,000 active, open and unresolved missing persons cases that sit on the books in the U.S. each day. 

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Chinese father finds abducted son after three years

For anyone who doubts the value of social networking, here is the story of a father whose son was abducted in China. Peng Gaofeng spent three years searching for the boy, using social media to help him.

It’s a heart-warming tale, and even more important, a lesson in how social media and the Internet can make a positive difference in these kinds of cases.

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A story from The Last Place You’d Look

Helen Aragona’s bright, lively young daughter had it all: Phyllis was in love and engaged to be married to a sweet, caring man, Scott Gasperson. She worked for Scott’s father in one of the many businesses he owned in her North Carolina hometown. Scott and Phyllis shared a place in the country with dozens of rescued animals. Phyllis had a weakness for anything with fur or feathers. But one day the couple disappeared. Workers showing up to the store where Scott was the manager found it had been robbed, but neither Scott nor Phyllis could be found. Then a deputy searching in the woods found Scott’s car and, beside the car on the ground, the murdered Scott. He had been shot in the head, execution style. At that point rumors began flying that Phyllis had murdered Scott to get his insurance money. Helen’s life, already turned upside down became a nightmare. She began getting harassing phone calls and detectives followed her every move, thinking she could be meeting Phyllis. But Phyllis wasn’t behind what happened to Scott — instead it was a Cuban refugee who was part of the Witness Protection Program and who was acting as a double-informant for both NCIS and the FBI, without the agencies knowing about the other one. 

The Last Place You’d Look (May 2011, Rowman & Littlefield) tells the story of a missing woman and what happened to her and her family. 

Three missing boys spotted?

Three missing children — Andrew, Alex, and Tanner Skelton — missing since November after their father told police he handed them off to a woman he met over the Internet, were reportedly spotted by a woman who works in an area donut shop. The woman told investigators that a customer came into the shop with three young boys and ordered donuts. She referred to one of the boys as “Tanner,” according to news reports.

The father, John, is in custody following a suicide attempt.

Ryan Chichovsky Missing in Laos Since 2006

Ryan Chicovsky, a Washington state resident, first went to China as a study abroad student. He became interested in the culture and language and soon landed a job at a small school in a rural area teaching English. During a break from school, Ryan went backpacking, his travels taking him to Laos. Only a couple of days short of meeting his family in Hong Kong for a visit, Ryan disappeared from a remote area in Laos. He has not been seen since.

Some of Ryan’s things were found, including photos he had taken and had someone else take of him that last day. It has now been four and a half years since Ryan vanished and his family and friends are still hunting for him.

Please go to http://ryanchicovsky.blogspot.com/ and view Ryan’s photos. Have you seen Ryan Chicovsky?