What Cops Know
DNA and Child Trafficking

Last week I wrote a story for The Crime Report, a fine online publication of the John Jay Center on Crime, Media and Justice in New York. The story, which you can find here:


centers around the University of Grenada’s  (Spain) joint initiative with the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification, DNA-Prokids. The nonprofit (and brainchild of Dr. Jose Lorente) has already compiled a successful record of bringing back home abducted children. These youngters are stolen for many reasons: adoptive purposes, to be indentured as servants or sex slaves, impressed as soldiers and even used to harvest their organs for sale.

Please read about the efforts of the fine people at DNA-Prokid and the job they’re doing. 

Jennifer Kesse — Missing for Nearly Five Years

On January 24, 2011, beautiful, vibrant Jennifer Kesse will have been missing from her Orlando condo for five years. Her mysterious disappearance has ripped a hole in her loving, close-knit family. Here’s what they know:

Jennifer had just returned from a weekend trip with her boyfriend and was apparently preparing for work when an unknown event interrupted her morning routine. Later, her car was found parked and abandoned by an unknown man who showed up on grainy surveillance camera video taken not too far from her condo. Despite an appeal to the public, no one has been able to identify the man on the film.

Drew Kesse, Jennifer’s father, has devoted his life to keeping his daughter’s case in front of the media and the public. He’s worked to help change both the law and police perception of missing persons cases. He believes Jennifer was the target of human traffickers and, thus far, none of the evidence that has surface has changed his mind.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into Jennifer’s disappearance. You can find out more about Jennifer by checking out the Kesse family’s site at http://www.jenniferkesse.com